Risk Management

Owners are exposed to great risks

Mistakes in the project material sent by the construction offices are a big problem in the construction industry. The result is stories we hear about in the media every day, where schedules and budgets for major Danish construction projects get out of hand.

At Exigo, we specialize in helping large Danish developers identify risks and optimize project management with BIM and big data. We have the training, technology and tools to advise you so you can manage risks in your construction project. We have experience from more than 100 major construction projects, and we have data showing that our advice significantly reduces the risks.

On this page you will find an overview of the analyzes. From the ICT agreements before the project starts up to the models in operation. Below each point are links to pages where you can get detailed information about the individual analyzes.

New hospital and new psychiatry Bispebjerg

Digitization and ICT today place new demands on the conditions for the role of the client. ICT agreements and complex 3D models are difficult to access and it is difficult to keep track of and control over the project material sent in the call for tenders. However, the new digital working methods are also essential for coping with large projects such as the new hospitals. As we see in the owners organization, as an owner, one has to be well versed in the application and understanding of 3D to ensure that the architect or engineer makes the right and timely decisions. (…) I recommend the ICT advice from Exigo.

Risk analyzes of EIR agreements

The courage to face the challenges that the industry faces with the economy and the timelines that are being exceeded is based on an inaccurate EIR Treaty basis.

Risk analysis of 3D models and collision control

The quality of 3D building models is crucial for an intact building process without financial and time overruns.

Risk analysis of volume inventories, offer lists and calculations

Risk analysis of volume and finances reduces the risk of unanticipated costs during execution and creates robustness in the material offered by the contractors.

Timetables and follow-up of progress

Location-based planning reduces execution time by at least 10% compared to traditional schedules.

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Exigo has developed a completely unique setup at the New Aalborg University Hospital where the developer can log in via Web/Tablet/Mobile to an online dashboard (visual analytics) and follow the progress of the construction.

BIM-based operation and maintenance

Information on the operating manuals of the individual buildings, information on the manufacturer, links to product pages, contracts, etc. can be linked to the building parts.

North Jutland Region, Hospital Hjørring

“We used Exigo to perform collision tests and check quotation quantity metrics to assess the feasibility of the project and to increase the security of the project finances. In working with Exigo, we experienced a competent and professional approach to the task. Exigo was very responsive to our wishes and we were very satisfied with the cooperation.”

Rest in the stomach

With comprehensive risk management of your construction project, you can be sure that the errors and challenges in your ICT contracts, 3D models, inventories, calculations, and schedules are discovered in good time. We also support you with the correction. Contact us and we will talk about how we can best help you.