5D Financial Management

Risk analysis of budget calculations

Most will realize that the Danish construction industry faces big budgets challenges. Indeed, a new study shows that Denmark is the world champion of public budget overruns.

  • The Copenhagen Metro had exceeded a budget by 151%
  • The construction of the Storebælt-Bridge had a budget surplus of 120%

A project can be implemented within the agreed economic framework. We have found that our risk analyzes are an important factor in this regard.

Manual quantities = risks

Traditional manual counting methods involve many financial risks. Apart from the fact that this is a time-consuming process, there are often mistakes. Mismatched volumes have a significant impact on a project’s economy, not to mention the schedule. Errors in the volume specifications of the tender dossier are your responsibility as a developer (AB92) – and if they are not identified in advance, it is resulting in high execution costs.

At Exigo, we help you ensure that you have the right quantities – and therefore an economy that remains stable. The quantities submitted in tenders serve as the basis for financial management. Therefore, it is crucial for the project economy that the quantities are correct. The overview of the correct quantities, coupled with their calculation, ensures that you as a customer get a good starting point for a possible negotiation of the prices in the individual subject areas.

You can also make a few simple steps to ensure that the tender materials are not used as “self-service” for additional invoices by the contractor. We have collected in a handout “5 typical quantity inventory errors“.

The new hospital in the west, Gødstrup

“We experience commitment, a professional approach to the task and flexibility in terms of customization.”

The task: Customer consulting in the form of an independent review of financial calculations and schedules. Optimization and visualization of the schedule based on location-based scheduling.

A project economy that you can understand

When building models and calculations are integrated, we can quickly and efficiently provide an overview of what is going to change for the price of your construction project. You can get this overview visually via a business intelligence dashboard.

In the new University Hospital Aalborg, we have integrated volume and finance into the location-based planning method. In a big data dashboard, we give the customer and facility management a detailed and accurate overview of the construction progress – both in terms of time and financially. You can read more about big data and business intelligence in construction here, or you can visit our site, www.exicute.net, that we have dedicated to business intelligence in construction.

Would you like to have an overall economic overview?

With professional help from Exigo you get an overview of the project finances. In addition, you can anticipate and avoid financial risks. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.