6D Operation and Maintenance

Operater often can not control the BIM models

After completing the project, few operators can verify that the BIM model has been updated to as-built and that the underlying data is correct and can be used for operation and maintenance. In addition, there are usually technical challenges when transferring data from the BIM model to the software platforms that the operator uses for the operation and maintenance. The vast majority of the data at this point is on a server archived for “the future”.

Much valuable information is therefore lost – or lying around unused and occupy space on a server.

Operation and maintenance based on BIM offer great savings

Information on the operating manuals of the individual buildings, information on the manufacturer, links to product pages, contracts, etc. can be linked to the building parts. This gives the owner/operator an overview of when different parts of the building have been replaced and when they need to be replaced again. In this way, planning and estimating upcoming maintenance tasks and the need for spare parts is much easier. In addition, information about m2 floors/walls/ceilings/windows etc. is provided – valuable information for maintenance related to movings in and out of large housing associations.

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From BIM to FM (Facility Management)

At the conclusion of the project, we can ensure that the owner/maintainer knows that the as-built models he receives are fed with relevant data for maintenance.

By effectively reviewing building design-related data, planning, and development of standards, Exigo develops and implements plans and systems that ensure the BIM’s lifecycle value and ROI consumption across all projects. We have an overview of the entire project – from the beginning to the end. We assure you that the as-built models you receive will be provided with relevant and correct data for maintenance.

Are you ready for maintenance?

Use relevant data from the BIM model for later operation and maintenance. It ensures better planning and rest in the stomach. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.