EIR Management

‘There is enormous potential in the EIR management – a goldmine – for owners to recognize its importance.’

Employer’s Information Requirements = EIR

At Exigo we specialize in EIR owners consultancy. In short, an EIR document specifies the information requirements of the client to the contractor. The EIR document is set up already in the first performance phases and forms an important document for the further course of the project.

We give you the assurance that your contracts will be created and implemented for your projects so that you get the best value for your money. We do this by, among other things, systematically ensuring that the architect and engineer complies with the agreements.

If the architect or engineer, for instance, fails to comply with the agreements and does not properly execute the 3D building models, the house of cards will tip over. The reason for this is that, nowadays, 3D building models are the basis for quantity calculations, offer lists, scheduling agreements, and profitability calculations. The quality of the 3D models is therefore a key success factor. We can help you to secure good quality 3D models for your construction project.

EIR management has an enormous potential

Only a few know how important a basic EIR agreement is. There is enormous potential in the EIR management – a goldmine – for owners to recognize its importance. Exceeding budgets and schedules during execution starts here. The EIR agreements must state reservations all potential errors in execution. This is to ensure that you as the owner don’t stay with the costs and trouble in the execution. The EIR agreements are the basis of the 3D models, and the first thing we look at in risk analysis of project material.

Working with multiple owners, we’ve come up with an overview of the challenges faced by owners most often in the context of preparing EIR agreements. These include the following:

  • How should the agreements be made?
  • What is the consequence if they are done wrong?
  • Who owns the (3D) models?
  • Who draws what?
  • In what quality should the 3D models be?
  • What information should be used?
  • Should the 3D models be collision free?
  • How should the 3D models prepare for operation?

BIM Exicution Plan = BEP

The EIR are the basis for the creation of the BEP. BEP is thereby the short version of BIM Exicution Plan. In practice, two types of BEP need to be drafted: Firstly, the BEP before conclusion of contract (by each applicant) and, secondly, the BEP after conclusion of contract (by the winner of the invitation to tender).

Independent consulting

At Exigo, we have one sole interest in helping our clients minimize risk and optimize their projects. We do not compete with the consulting engineers for design services. Therefore, we can focus 100% on your needs and provide you with the independent advice you need.

At Exigo we have many satisfied customers who benefit greatly from our customer service. Read what they say about us.

You can do it yourself – we have put together the best tips

We have supported owners with EIR agreements for many years and have put together a number of useful tips in our white paper “7 tips for pin-sharp EIR agreements“.

Come to the EIR Management Course

Working with a number of construction managers, we have developed a 3-day learning course. In short, it focuses on how you, as an owner, can reduce the financial risk through clear EIR agreements. In addition, you will achieve a better understanding of digital tools related to BIM. Read more about our EIR Management course or contact us!

Reduce your risks with EIR Management?

Reduce the financial risks in your project through unique EIR arrangements and let it calm you down. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.