Big Data & Business Intelligence

Status in the construction industry

The construction industry is characterized by projects with large budget overruns (5-30% are the norm), timetable overruns (17% on average) (Egebjerg, 2012) and innumerable mistakes and shortcomings.

As a client, you need an overview of all the risks mentioned above during the construction phase so that you can react in good time. You need accurate data to show you exactly where you stand in terms of cost and time schedule for your construction. Read more about how we help you with BIM/VDC-based risk management.

Better use of data in the construction process is considered the best opportunity to overcome these challenges. Read more about Business Intelligence.

Visual Analytics

Exigo has developed a completely unique setup where customers can log in via an online dashboard (visual analysis) via web/tablet/mobile and track the progress of the construction process. The progress is reported every day so that the client can get an up-to-date picture based on actual data rather than an optimistic gut feeling of the construction management/engineer/contractor.

How does this dashboard setup work?

Planned vs. really done work

Earned value is continuously reported and calculated, and analyses of the actual progress are carried through. This follow-up of the actual work is done by the professional contractors who report the progress in % per activity, per area/location in our Exicute App. The data is verified by the construction management and imported into the 4D-location plan. The project management tool then calculates the value that contractors can charge each month. In other words; invoicing is based on actual data and actual progress rather than loose estimates. You can then see the earned value to a specific time in the financial management dashboard.

Read more about our project and risk management tools, Vico Office and the applied planning principle, location-based planning.

Cyclogram planning

The project uses location-based planning (cyclograms) to manage time and finances. The overall project is divided into several locations on the floor level (areas of approx. 500-800 m2) as well as additional location systems for vertical work on facades and shafts.

How is it done?

All contractors must sign up to our online dashboard. The contractors must follow the location classification drawn up by the site supervisor, they must contribute to the clarification of the department and plan their work plans based on the identified location classification. It sounds like many requirements for the building contractors, but the feedback is positive.

At Exigo we have many satisfied customers who benefit greatly from our customer service. Read what they say about us.

Get a good overview

Use relevant data from the BIM model, calculations and schedules to visualize project performance. It provides the right foundation for informed decisions. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.