4D Location-based time management

Challenges in the construction industry

Most construction companies can see that the construction industry faces big scheduling challenges. Studies show that all schedules are exceeded on average by 17%. However, despite this trend, traditional consultants continue to use traditional management tools. They often do not warn about deviations and their consequences in time.

“With traditional planning methods like Gantt, it is completely impossible to get an overview of all activities. For larger construction projects, a good schedule quickly includes over 3,000 activities on 10-15 A3 sheets. It is very difficult to keep track of such a schedule without the use of cyclograms. “

“The craftsmen are really enthusiastic about this type of planning (cyclograms/location-based planning). It helps to keep a good chord. Precisely because the planning is distributed across locations – and the foremen themselves were involved in the planning – they can follow the plan that has been set. The individual craftsmen receive peace and quiet for their work at each location and have set the pace for their work themselves when meeting with the supervisors.”

Location-based planning is the way to go

Scheduling with traditional schedules often results in poor site utilization. Some areas are abandoned, while other areas are crowded with craftsmen standing in the way. The result is a late completion.

Therefore, Exigo uses location-based planning (also known as cyclogram planning). With location-based scheduling, delays and other challenges in the schedule can be anticipated long before they arise.

We engage in constructive discussions with the contractor about the order, schedule of activities, staffing, productivity, follow-up and progress. In other words; we ensure that the tasks in your project are solved in the most efficient order.

“(…) With projects as large as this, it will cost millions as the schedule expires, and the cost of applying this method will quickly become savings.”

“(…) When something changes, it has consequences elsewhere, and you can always follow it day by day.”

Excerpt from an artikel in Børsen (danish Journal)

”With a project as big as that in Aalborg and with so many contractors on-site at the same time, a powerful management tool is critical to the overall picture. It is a must that we can plan locations, otherwise we will lose track. If you want to eat an elephant, you have to divide it into smaller bites. We can do that with location-based scheduling.”

Visual schedules can be understood by everyone

If you include the project’s 3D model in the schedule, you can create a 4D simulation of the project. The 4D simulation, together with the location-divided planning principle, which displays time and activities at locations, provides a visual overview for all project stakeholders. You can quickly see which areas are under high load, and adjust and optimize the schedule to ensure a stable workflow.

The 4D simulation enables the effective communication of complex schedules to all employees, regardless of subject area and training background. Everyone has the same clear starting point to understand and discuss the building process, security risks and optimization options. Likewise, it will be easier for you, the client, to have a constructive dialogue with the contractor on the project progress.

Example of a 4D-simulation of the schedule at Aalborg’s New University Hospital:

Risk analysis of schedules

At Exigo, we can help you, as a building owner,  anticipate and minimize/mitigate the risks of a Gantt-based schedule, ensuring the status and progress of the project throughout the construction time. If you want a further overview of the project progress, we can make a custom-designed business intelligence dashboards on which you can continuously follow the central KPI’s of the project.

We have found that our location-based risk analysis is an important factor in the implementation of a project within the agreed timeframe.

Should we help you?

With the safeguarding of intact construction projects, in which you, the owner, know the time-risks in advance? Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.