Risk Management

Problems with 3D-Models

Many Danish contractors have problems with the 3D models they receive from the architect or engineer. Different file formats that can not be used directly in production are confusing. Often, the 3D models are also littered with errors. And many mistakes are only discovered during the construction. It costs the contractor time and money – especially for turnkey contracts. But it does not have to be like this. Most challenges can be solved on-screen with risk management before construction begins.

At Exigo we have many satisfied customers who benefit greatly from our contract consultancy. Read what they say about us.

BIM Controlling

Exigo provides comprehensive project and risk management so you, as a turnkey contractor, can avoid unpleasant surprises, exploding budgets and shifting schedules. We call it BIM controlling. If you do not work with a turnkey contract, we can help you use location-based schedules in your production. You can read more about this below or in our whitepaper about the 5 most common mistakes in time management.

With risk management, we ensure that your 3D models are of the highest quality – without collisions, ie. geometric errors in the project material that make it impossible to build. This also avoids a multitude of challenges that typically arise in collisions, such as conflicts of responsibility, expensive ad-hoc solutions, dissatisfaction, and inefficiency on the constructionsite.

Hansson & Knudsen

“As a contractor, the challenge is that many programs and file formats, as well as 3D models that can not be used directly in production, create a lot of confusion.”

Control risks with location-based planning

When you convert a Gantt schedule (such as MS Project) to a location-based schedule, you run risk management because you have a variety of risk factors that you can not see in Gantt. For example, colliding workers, abandoned areas on the construction site and irregular crew. Location-based planning (also known as cyclogram planning) gives you a rational flow of activity, saving both time and money. Visit our website www.vicooffice.dk to learn more about location-based planning.

Read more about how we can help you achieve optimal time management.

Enemærke & Petersen A/S

“Location-based scheduling will undoubtedly be one of the cornerstones of the next construction sites I will manage. I would be very pleased to go even further into the various options the program contains. The possibilities for optimizing projects with Vico are countless!”

Risk analysis of the quantities offered

Incorrect quantity lists can have significant negative consequences for the final result of the project. At Exigo we have helped a long list of contractors obtaining overviews over mistakes in their bills of quantities. Call us or send us an email – we would like to help you as well. You can read more about quantity verification here. There, you can also read more about how our services have helped your contractor colleagues.

Jorton A/S

“In larger construction projects, a project is often offered with recommended quantities. In the case of incorrect quantities in the tender documents, the risk lies with us as the contractor, which can be very expensive for us during execution. In connection with this type of tender, we ask Exigo, for selected tasks, to identify the errors in the stock levels and to give us an overview of the correct quantities. Exigo turns the 3D models upside down and checks twice to see if the dimensions are being met, etc. Keeping an overview of the right quantities can affect whether we win the project or not.”

Delivery specifications for 3D models

The bid specification is a recurring challenge for many players in the construction industry and an eternal source of disagreement. Who takes responsibility for the individual parts of the building? Who draws which details and are all details included?

When you are a turnkey contractor, we recommend that you focus heavily on risk management. With our delivery specification you can avoid duplicate and overlooked details.

Overview of the economy

Once we integrate building models and calculations, we can quickly provide analysis and new versions of the calculations – providing a clear financial overview and a better end result from the outset. In addition, with our real-time analytics, you can see financial consequences associated with project changes that exceed the timeline, for example. Read more about how to ensure quality assurance in financial management.

Minimize your risks

With the help of Exigo, you and your company can get an overview of the risks throughout the project – and thus attain peace of mind. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.