5D Profitability and Forecasting

When the budget goes down

Our experience shows that errors in inventory levels and drawings are the most common reason that budgets on Danish construction projects are exceeded. Both involve unforeseen costs, which are palpable. At Exigo, we specialize in financial management and assist contractors in quality assurance of the quantities offered and in the creation of models and drawings. Read about the benefits of linking volumes and finance.

Win the tender with quality assurance

Based on a review of your 3D model, we prepare price calculations. These are based on sampling from the 3D model – this is what we call 5D BIM. We hereby ensure the quality of the offered quantities, so that you and your company can specify a precise price and win the tender! Read more about using the Vico Office project and risk management tool for quantity extraction and financial management.

CG Jensen

“CG Jensen is building 44,000 m2 of shell buildings in Slagelse in connection with the construction of a new psychiatric clinic. This is Denmark’s second-largest ongoing construction, where the shell will be completed after about 12 months. The project material is created in a 3D model (Revit), where Exigo has contributed in a very professional manner to giving CG Jensen an overview of the project both financially and in terms of planning. Exigo was a really good business partner and we will definitely work with them again.”

Financial overview

If we have the building model and the calculation in Vico Office, we can quickly and efficiently provide detailed analyzes of the potential changes to the cost of your construction project. Vico Office provides a graphic and clear overview of which components are included in the various pricing positions. That gives a precise overview.

The first calculations are based on 3D overall models and unit prices with even less detail. However, as the project material becomes more detailed, the calculations are updated so that they may include a breakdown of the project into resources, including personnel, inventory and material per part type.

At Exigo we have many satisfied customers who benefit greatly from our contract consultancy. Read what they say about us.

A better balance

Already in the tendering phase, with the help of Exigo, you get a complete overview of the profitability of the first simple sketches in 2D or 3D. We help you structure your data so that you can base your offer on data, not on unsafe bids. The financial overview is based on quantities that are updated automatically when changes are made in the project.

In the further course of the construction, you will continue to have an overview of the entire project economy. You can also read the financial consequences of project changes and schedule overruns in real time.

Learn more about the benefits of 3D collision control and location-based planning.

Get an overall economic overview

Treat yourself to rest in the stomach during the entire construction phase with a strong financial overview. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.