Collision Control

Errors in 3D models cause collisions

Errors in 3D models are gradually becoming the rule rather than the exception. Many errors are first discovered in the execution, which can be a costly affair for you as a contractor. The errors are often due to the fact that the projects in question are not coordinated across disciplines, which leads to collisions – for example, to a water pipe that strikes a carrier. At Exigo, we help you and your business solve the on-screen collisions before you go to construction, giving you peace of mind that your project can be built from scratch. Read more about how we can help you to avoid risks in your project.

Save 40% on unforeseen expenses

With 3D collision control, you can save up to 40% on unforeseen costs. We help you and your team to coordinate the construction project in 3D. Then you can be sure that your construction project is well-coordinated and collision-free before the start of execution. With the help of Exigo you get:

  1. A 3D overall model of all areas where collisions analyzed before the start of construction
  2. A construction process without responsibility disputes due to errors and collisions
  3. More efficient craftsmen

We collect all topic models in a common model

We create buildability analyzes based on 3D models. We put all 3D theme models together in a common model. The theme models are typically distributed across terrain/landscape, architecture, constructions and sewers, electricity, plumbing and ventilation.

Exigo automatically checks for collisions in the merged 3D model and checks the detected collisions before reporting them as buildability issues.

Preparation of 3D models

Of course, we offer to create 3D models for your project, if they do not already exist. We do this based on the 2D base of the construction project. For more information about our project and risk management tool for creating quality-assured 3D models, visit our website

Experience has shown that the savings made by automatic collision control can easily finance the work required by converting the design base from 2D to 3D. A single collision on the construction site usually costs between € 1-2,000 and moreover time and material loss. It is therefore good business to detect the collisions before the start of construction!

Avoid collisions

With a collision-free construction project, you get peace of mind. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.