Risk Analysis with BIM at the New Hospital in the West - Gødstrup (DNV)

The risk analysis of time and resources in the last phase gives an overview of the New Hospital in the West (DNV) – Gødstrup

The client plans the last stages of construction with emphasis on transfer to operation.

The desire for high patient and staff safety at the New Hospital in the West (DNV) has prompted Project Leader Michael Hyldegaard to ask Exigo in time to analyze deadlines and resources related to customer deliveries and DNV’s transfer to operation. Exigo has previously helped the client with accurate risk analysis of time and resources in the project. Thereby, parts of the timetable for the project could be improved.

A holistic planning is crucial

According to Martin Veis Marxen, project manager at Exigo, traditionally the building itself is being closely monitored. In contrast, the planning of the transition phase between construction and operation is often overlooked. And exactly this part can considerably delay the construction process of hospitals due to their numerous technical facilities. And if the responsibility for the planning lies between two chairs, there are further dangers arising. This way, fast “ad hoc” solutions are created on a tight schedule and the installations are not properly tested before the transfer to operation. These risks can ultimately have serious consequences for the safety of personnel and patients. And that’s exactly what Michael Hyllegaard is all about. He explains:

“Planning the interface between construction and operation is a big and complex part of the schedule, which is often postponed to the last minute. But from my point of view, planning is just as important, if not more important, because it’s all about the safety of staff and patients. The part of the design must be carefully tuned and synchronized with the other timetables of the building to ensure that all installations are thoroughly tested before transfer to operation.”

  • Firm: New Hospital in the West (DNV)
  • Web: https://www.dnv.rm.dk
  • Projectsum in total: 0,5 billion Euro
  • Size: Ca. 127.000 m2
  • Construction period: 2017 -2020

Planning the interface between construction and operations is a large and complex part of the schedule, that is often shifted to the last minute.

Michael Hyldegaard, Project Leader, New Hospital in the West (DNV)

Michael compares to the pharmaceutical industry:

“If the pharmaceutical industry does not plan its production and does not test its drugs before it goes on the market, it will have catastrophic consequences for the affected people. Likewise I see the commissioning of the technical facilities in our hospitals. Unless we carefully plan and test all the systems before commissioning,  it may cause one or more systems to malfunction or cables to be suddenly shorted.”

According to Michael Hyllegaard, both the regions and the hospital management see the importance of good planning and commissioning. Niras is responsible for commissioning the project.

“The commissioning department has always been part of our construction projects, without being named. That is nothing new under the sun. However, the designation has made it a clear and documented process that we can use to improve the quality and safety of the buildings.”

A risk analysis optimizes the schedule

Martin Veis Marxen, Exigo, says:

“We ran a risk analysis of the schedule and quickly found that there were made no changes to the schedule. The moving in and commissioning would be delayed for many months. We have optimized the schedule so that most of the settings and testing of equipment has been moved to before shipment. At the same time, we streamlined the commissioning activities, which saw many start-stops. Many smaller tasks had an unnecessarily long duration, which delayed the entire schedule. We used location-based planning to plan across zones and discover and balance resource consumption.”

Location Based Scheduling in Construction

Michael Hyllegaard is satisfied with the result of the risk analysis and says:

“Now I have a really good overview of the resources and the schedule. We were well in time, so we can go into the analysis. Now we can break down the summary of the subelements to prepare a detailed time and resource management for the owner’s deliveries and commissioning. For me, it makes sense to continue to work with the location-based planning method. It was a really good experience to get Exigo to optimize schedules and resources for the project based on the location-based methodology. Exigo’s team is very competent. They know how to familiarize themselves with customer needs and deliver!”

Michael is convinced that thorough planning and testing of equipment will also have a positive effect in connection with business administration. The careful planning and testing of the facilities, according to Michael, ensures a safe operation in which everything works. Overall, this has a big impact on the project.

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