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Software Development Construction

Software Development Construction – Tailor-made Solutions

In construction, the time has come to wave goodbye to “one size fits all” when it comes to data.

Tailor-made integrations between tools already in the company in question are one of the trends we are seeing. 100% transparency over status and progress is another. Transparency that extends across all levels – from construction manager to CFO.

If you want a tailor-made solution for your company, we have several skilled software developers with extensive knowledge of the construction industry who can help you.

“It sounds outrageously expensive!” you might be thinking.

But that’s not really the case anymore. There are many options for a “quick and dirty” solution, where our development team can adapt a template to your needs. For example, an app adapted to a specific workflow, or a Business Intelligence dashboard for sorting and displaying data.

You can see an example of an app for stage registration we have developed here

And examples of BI Dashboards here

Exigo makes customized software solutions for construction sites

We can help you with the following

  • MS Power apps
  • Custom apps
  • MS Power BI
  • Integration between existing software
  • Requirements specifications

And remember!

First and foremost, we are specialists in construction. Since the vast majority of our employees are construction workers, we can guarantee you an in-depth industry knowledge.

Microsoft Power Apps

With low-code development platforms such as Microsoft Power Apps, we can offer fast and efficient development of apps for specific purposes in your company. Power Apps have a wide range of built-in features and great options for integration with cloud-based services and automated workflows.

Custom apps

If your solution requires a greater degree of complexity in terms of functionality, user interface, or integration, it is often relevant to build an app from scratch. Here, both the back-end, front-end and API (link) are set up in the system environment that suits the customer and the solution. We have extensive experience with the tech stack SQL, Express, Angular, and Node as well as various Microsoft Azure Services.

Microsoft Power BI

With the Business Intelligence platform Microsoft Power BI, we offer the development of advanced dashboards that can effectively visualize your company’s KPIs in a clear and flexible way. In Power BI, data from multiple data sources, such as spreadsheets and databases, can be combined and processed as needed and visualized live. Data is filtered and sorted live so that you effectively get exactly the information available that you need.

Integration between existing software

With data for different systems gathered in one place, you achieve a good overview quickly and more efficiently. If there is a need to transfer data from one of our systems to your existing software provider, external API solutions will be available, which can be designed according to your needs. We can also assist in finding the best solutions for integration between several of your existing systems and develop the best and most user-friendly workflow for the purpose.

Requirements specifications

For both small as well as complex solutions, a well-executed requirements specification is critical to ensure a successful solution in the end. We offer the preparation of a requirement specification for your solution in close collaboration with your organization. Prior to the preparation of the requirements specification facilities, we carry out a design process which, through several design loops, reveals exactly your needs and requirements for the solution. We can also drive or assist in the tender process and be continuously involved during the development process, to ensure that you end up with exactly the solution that meets your needs.

“We have benefited from the professional and comprehensive advice from Exigo for both smaller and larger IT offerings in AAB Aarhus several times.

Exigo has helped us with virtually all elements of the tender process: from strategic advice in collaboration with our legal advisers, to how we are ensured a comprehensive and in-depth requirements specification in the tender.

Exigo can offer a wide range of consultants – when we, for example, have needed advanced calculation models for the award criteria in a tender, they have also had the right resources for it. “

Software Development Construction – We are also happy to help you

There are many apps and other digital solutions available in construction, and new solutions are constantly emerging. There are actually so many that it can be difficult to assess them all. Which solutions make sense? And which do not?

You may already have a number of digital solutions in your business that you believe work well. But maybe there is data on many different platforms and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. We help you integrate the digital solutions you already have in the company.

In a non-committal meeting, we offer our specialist knowledge and feedback for free. We help you make a plan for where you want to go, what you want to achieve. We help you draw up a plan for what it takes to reach the goal.

Contact Kristina Ekkersgaard, she will find a date in the calendar for you. +45 53 55 59 05 or ke@exigo.dk

Gantt view of schedule over a large construction