Vico Office

BIM 3D, 4D and 5D

Vico Office is a BIM/VDC tool where you connect your 3D models (e.g. from Revit and IFC) to your finances (5D) and your schedule (4D). It is an integrated tool so you only need to have your data in one place. Vico Office is modular and can be bought as a one off software pack or as a subscription service.

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At Drees & Sommer we use Vico Office for scheduling, quantity extraction and cost estimation. Vico Office gives a good overview of all aspects of the process because it is all linked in the program. When we change something, we can quickly read off the consequence of the changes in both calculations and schedules. It gives us high quality projects.

Free trial license

You can try Vico Office for 30 days for free. When you receive your license, you also have the opportunity to get an hour free introduction the Vico Officer interface over web.

Remember to write your full name, company and company mail when ordering your license.