Schedule Planner

Location-based scheduling

The introduction of flowline planning/area-based planning/location based scheduling, with the Vico Schedule Planner program, is undoubtedly the best investment you can make for your business – You will optimize your schedule by having an optimal flow of activities.

Optimize your schedule

With flowline planning you can, compared to Gantt, reduce the execution time by at least 10% without increasing resource consumption. You get an overview of all activities and can initiate several activities at once without overlap.

Read more about location-based scheduling/cyclogram planning with the Schedule Planner here.

From Gantt to Cyclogram:

When you convert your Gantt schedule (e.g. MS) to flowline schedules, start by dividing the schedule into locations, e.g. apartments. Then, you can read off the challenges that lie in your schedule.

The challenges – see graphics below:

1st challenge: Crossing lines illustrate colliding work. Several tasks are planned at the same time and place.

2nd challenge: Long distance between the blue/green and the red/yellow lines indicate that the site is unused and empty.

3rd challenge: Interrupted line (red) indicates that the work of the electricians is marked by many “start and stop” – they have to wait for the painter. Reduced staffing of electricians is advantageous.

Once the challenges are resolved: No colliding work. Even staffing. Optimal use of the construction site.

PS: Did you know that setting up schedules in flow lines is 4 times as fast as setting up a Gantt schedule?

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