Simple Platform

Plannerly gives you a simple and visual platform where you can plan and keep track of project planning with BIM. To make it easy for you, it is all online and stored in the cloud.

Plannerly is divided into five main functions:

Plan BIM with Plannerly


The plan section is an online document-management tool that can among other functions be used for dynamic preparation and auditing of the EIR agreement basis. In this way, there is never any doubt as to which version of a given EIR contract the document is applicable.

Application: Management of the EIR agreement basis

Advantage: An updated version of the EIR contractual basis is always available to the partners of the project.

Exigo can help with the development and implementation of the EIR agreement basis.

Scope BIM with Plannerly


The scope section serves as the management tool for the LOD (Level of Development) of the individual building part. The tool follows the Danish standard for building part specification and can be adapted to the phases of the project and disciplines. The scope section already contains hundreds of predefined objects at all LOD levels.

Application: Control of LOD phase plan

Advantage: Overview of the individual building parts through all phases

Exigo can help with the preparation of a LOD phase plan that can be linked to the project’s schedule.

Manage BIM with Plannerly

BIM Management

The Schedule, Track, and View section is used to plan the development of the building models.

The Last Planner method is widespread. For this reason, the flow section has many similarities with the planning process for a 5-week period plan and a weekly plan in the Last Planner method.

Application: Management of LOD week plan

Advantage: Dynamic control of building part deliveries throughout the design project

Exigo can help with LEAN design management, process control and/or change management in relation to the development of the building models.

BIM Management with Plannerly

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If you like to start using Plannerly:

Contact Kristina Ekkersgaard

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We want you to get off to a good start and get the most out of the LOD planner – therefore we offer you a free presentation of the program over the web.

Online BIM-planning

Planning with BIM opens up a large number of fantastic opportunities, but the actual planning – and the division of responsibility – is more complex than ever.

Endless files in Word and Excel and a lack of overview of which files are valid can be a challenge.

Plannerly is a simple online software where you can do BIM project planning and answer the following:

  • Which version of the EIR agreement is applicable?
  • Who models which objects?
  • At what level of detail should the model be throughout the individual phases?
  • How are interfaces between two objects handled across subjects?
  • Is the 3D model synchronized with 2D details?
  • Which version of the 3D model is valid?

Confused About The Terminology? Completely Understandable…

LOD means “Level Of Development”. If you thought it meant “Level Of Detail” you are not wrong with it either. It is the original interpretation of LOD. But a common consensus today is that LOD means “Level Of Development”.

The End of Miscommunication

Many BIM projects contain too many or too few details, because it is unclear what is expected of the different parties in the project. With Plannerly, you ensure that all parties know exactly what requirements are for their BIM, so that no double modeling occurs, or an insufficient project material, where a number of objects are not modeled.

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