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Business Intelligence in Construction

We have developed a Business Intelligence solution for use in construction. In the construction industry, Business Intelligence is used, for instance, to keep track of schedules, cash flow, invoicing and on-site health and safety.

The Exicute Cloud Platform

Our Business Intelligence solution for construction is a tool with online dashboards. We design these dashboards completely unique for every customer. This is to say that they are customized to the specific needs of every single construction site.

The construction management can login the Exicute Cloud Platform via web, tablet, or smartphone and see one’s different dashboards. Different dashboards give and overview of differnt parameters. Because the dashboards are giving a simple and visual overview, it is easy to follow the progress of the construction. Most notably, the progress is reported every single day. Hence, the construction management can get an actual image – day to day.

Of cource, everything is based on actual data rather than an optimistic gut feeling of the building management, client advisor or contractor. Moreover, the dashboards document historic data and give a forecast on future project progress.

Features of the Exicute Cloud Platform

Constructability Testing

Before you begin the construction, it is extremely important to be sure that the building is in fact constructible. Because, if it cannot be built digitally, you will not be able to build it in real life. Certainly, you will save a lot of money and time if you realize this before you start laying the foundations.

Financial Management: Planned vs. Actually Done Work

The reported earned value is continuously calculated. Likewise, an analysis of the actual progress in relation to the planned is conducted. Therefore, a follow-up to actual work is done by on-site contractors, filling in online spreadsheets. Thereby, the progress is documented in percent per activity, per location. Then, this data is verified by the construction management team and imported into the 4D location-based schedule. Afterward, the project management tool calculates the earned-value that entrepreneurs can invoice each month. As a result, invoicing is based on actual data and actual progress instead of inexact estimates.

Location-Based Time Management

Location-based planning (flowline planning) is used for time and financial management. Therefore, the total project is divided into a number of locations on floor level (areas of approximately 500-800 m2) as well as into additional location systems for vertical works on e.g. facades and in shafts.

Simple to Use

All involved contractors report to our online dashboard. Thereby, the contractors follow the location classification that the construction management has prepared. Likewise, they contribute to the clarification of the division. Moreover, they create and update their work plans based on the determined location classification. Even though this makes high demands to the contractors, the feedback on the process is positive.

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