Exicute Cloud Platform from Exigo

Business Intelligence in Construction

Exigo has developed a unique setup that allows the owner to log on from web/tablet/smartphone onto an online dashboard (visual analytics) and track the progress of the building activities. The progress is being reported every day, which enables the owner to get a factual impression of the daily progress based on facts rather than the optimistic gut feeling of the building management/adviser/contractor.

We have made the website www.exicute.net which presents out dashboard solution. There you can read more about dashboards and how they work.

With the Business Intelligence dashboards from Exigo you can, among other things, get a visual impression of:

  • The daily progress of the project
  • Predictions for the future of the project – can you make it within the budget?
  • The current schedule (cyclogram and Gantt)
  • Which locations that are behind, delayed or on time
  • Earned-value to a given time
  • Day to day cash-flow of the project
  • The risks of the project and their consequences
  • Which changes that were made or proposed and what they will cost

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