Do you need a physical overview?

A digital overview of your construction project is invaluable, but sometimes the analogue approach is a good supplement to the digital. In addition to digital services, Exigo can also offer to build a physical model of your project in bricks.

A physical model gives you a tangible, visual overview of your building project. It appears more concrete than on the screen, and using differently colored bricks we can still divide buildings into locations and make it easy to distinguish areas and building parts from each other.

These physical, brick models can be good to use in meeting situations, where you can more easily point to a specific building and walk around the model than you can mark something on a digital model on a screen. A physical model is also good to have, so you can proudly show off your project, or you can use it as an eye-catcher at fairs, conferences etc.

Are you interested in a physical model of your project? Contact us to hear more.