User Involvement & Program Development

User Involvement

Regardless of whether a new building is to be built or whether a new IT system needs to be developed and implemented, the involvement of the prospective or potential users is required to ensure successful transfer/implementation. Users need to feel they are being heard and the feeling that their opinion makes a difference. In addition, users have unique knowledge that is important to developing a good and meaningful design solution.

Our approach to engaging users is to understand the conditions, the environment, and the future use of the building/system, and to organize a design process that integrates the desires and needs of users into the design process at the right time.

Our involvement of users relates not only to end users, but also to other stakeholders who come into contactwith the design (or the system) at varying degrees .


The methodology we use is based on traditional user participation methods. Complemented by modern IT tools, we get a faster and more differentiated knowledge about the users.

To achieve this, Exigo uses selected principles of user-centered system design methodology, Contexctual Design, by Karen Holtzblatt and Hugh R. Beyer, which are shown below. The method combines selected principles of VIC-MET.

At the same time, modern tools, such as 3D glasses, can introduce potential users into the architecture during the design phase and give them an understanding of the architecture, while at the same time gaining the opportunity to actively participate in the design. Form and function can be integrated, and problems such as a user’s inability to read a 2D drawing can be completely avoided.

Program development

Our method of user involvement is a good foundation for program development. At this stage, we are preparing a program that will provide the design team with the best possible foundation for implementing a creative and innovative solution that meets users’ architectural solution requirements.

Our focus is that the final program reflects the needs of future users while giving you the best value for money as a customer.

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Should we help you?

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