Advice on Tenders

We equip you to make informed decisions

As your consultant, we will brief you on the benefits and risks associated with the scenarios in the decision-making process, and we’ll prepare a range of services, e.g. in the context of IT in construction. Our advice is based on data and in-depth analysis, not gut feelings. This is exactly where our advice differs from traditional owner advising. We let politics and various stakeholder motives rest so that you can calmly make informed decisions about tendering strategies, contract forms, prequalifications, tendering materials, etc.

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Cancellation of offers

There are various reasons that offers get cancelled. A study of the cancellation of EU-tenders, point to the following reasons as the most common:

  1. Errors in the tender documents (24%)
  2. Offers are not compliant (21%)
  3. Too little competition for the job (17%)
  4. Need to change supply on the way (16%)

Our advice is data-driven and transparent

We collected data from over 80+ construction projects in which we supported both owners and contractors. These data show some clear trends. In particular, one trend is prevalent. It is linked to point 1 above: “Errors in the tender documents”.

Errors in the tender documents – here are the biggest sinners

  1. The tender plan is unrealistic and based on assumptions and “best offer”
  2. Collisions across areas (e.g. a perforated support beam through a ventilation duct)
  3. Quantities and tenders are incorrect and do not match

The sequence of errors in the tender dossier may, in the “best case”, give many additional bills during execution, and in the worst case, that the tender must be cancelled and rebuilt. We help you to compile offers based on thorough data analysis. The offers do not contain “hidden plans” or estimates but are based on facts.

Good advice for what you can do yourself

5 typical errors in schedules – and how to avoid them

Are you ready for your next tender?

With the advice of Exigo, you can be sure that your tenders are realistic and feasible. Contact us and we will find out how we can help you.