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The construction industry is characterized by projects with large budget overruns (5-30% are the norm), schedule overruns (on average 17%) and innumerable errors and deficiencies. By collecting data from past projects and using them in current and future building processes, the risks of repetition of the same transgressions, errors, and shortcomings are minimized by using statistics to make arrangements, anticipate delay and exceed budgets, and thereby solve challenges in advance. Decisions based on data are simply of higher quality than decisions made outside of it. This is just one example of the possibilities that lie in optimizing construction projects based on collected empirical data.

Several BIM and scheduling tools (such as Vico Office and Schedule Planner) allow predictive analytics to be performed in the design process. The BIM model is linked to production time, wages, and cost of delivery data. It offers the opportunity to anticipate many on-screen challenges before they appear as problems on the job site. Read more about Business Intelligence.

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