Consulting for Contractors

We are your BIM/VDC consultant

In most areas, the contractor is the one who achieves the highest value through the use of BIM/VDC. As an entrepreneur, you do not have to invest much in order to build an internal BIM/VDC department. Exigo is a leading specialist in optimizing production control with BIM/VDC. We can help you at all levels and to the extent you want.

JORTON A/S offers precise prices thanks to the quantity check

“An overview of the right quantities can influence whether we win the tender or not. Based on the right quantities we can prepare an exact price and have no unnecessary quantity risks in the execution. I recommend the advice of Exigo, who is professional and competent. We can focus on what we do best and work together to make sure that JORTON wins the offer.”

We can help you throughout the process

Time management and deliveries

Among other things, we can advise and assist in connection with time management. Here we use the effective planning principle of location-based planning, in which activities are assigned to the locations. This has several advantages. Among other things, the craftsmen can work more effectively, because the activities are planned in a rational flow, which ensures that the craftsmen do not have to wait for each other or have to work in the same place at the same time. If the schedule is bound to quantities, which, by the way, also become location-dependent, you will get a clear overview of deliveries. You know exactly where the materials are used when – which you can tell your suppliers.

Buildability and cost-effectiveness

We can ensure that your project is buildable, without collision and before entering the property. All our feasibility studies are based on a common, updated 3D model that brings together all the theme models. This gives you the security of precise, interdisciplinary coordination. We ensure that errors in quantity inventories and drawings do not result in exceeded budgets. This provides a financial overview – and not least a surplus – which can be felt on the bottom line.

Use the quantity analysis to specify a more precise price

At Exigo, we review the quantities offered in the architect’s / engineer’s 3D model based on comprehensive quality assurance. With an overview of the right quantities, you as a contractor can give a more precise price and win the tender. If you are a turnkey contractor, you will be particularly vulnerable to errors in the 3D models. Therefore, it is important to have an overview from the beginning and to know the mistakes before the construction starts. Read more about how we can assist you with a quantity analysis.

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Help for 3D building models

Based on BIM, we carry out risk analyzes of the 3D project material that you receive from your architect / engineer so that you can correct it in time. Contact us for a discussion on how we can best help you.