Exigo often helps Elindco with the quantity and volume checks

The risk analysis of quantities can pay off

The advice given by Exigo was indispensable, according to project leader Rasmus Dahlgren. He says:

“With the help of Exigo, we were confirmed that the quantities sent by the owner were correct. Or there were some mistakes – and Exigo identified them.”

For Rasmus, the most important thing was to get verified quantities before the start of construction. And there was a need for professional help:

“It was necessary for us to get help from Exigo. Maybe we could have done it ourselves, but it would have taken many more hours. Moreover, it is not our main occupation. Exigo has a completely different efficiency – it also pays off.”

  • Firm: Elindco A/S
  • Web: http://www.elindco.dk/
  • branch of industry: building contractors
  • Size: 130+ employees
  • Why Exigo?
    • Effective risk analysis of quantities

Particularly problematic for us as a contractor is that the client transfers responsibility to us. Therefore, we must be absolutely sure that our quantities are correct.

– Rasmus Dahlgren, Project Manager, Elindco A/S