visualization of new hospital building

EIR and BIM place high, but necessary, demands on the client

According to the EIR regulation, the client has to use EIR and 3D “all-in”.

“Digitalization and EIR (Employer’s Information Requirements) today place new demands on the conditions of the client’s role. EIR agreements and complex 3D models are difficult to access and it is difficult to keep track of and control over the project material submitted in the call for tenders”, says Per Sam, senior project manager.

“However, the new digital working methods are also essential for large projects such as new hospitals. As we see it as the owner in the owners’ organization, it is important to be familiar with the application and understanding of 3D to ensure that the architect or engineer makes the right and timely decisions.”

“Ultimately, it is our responsibility as the owner that the material emitted is clear and collision-free. When using quantities from the 3D model as the basis for budgets (5D), material purchases, and schedules (4D), it is important that the EIR agreements are respected in order for the project to be properly projected.”

  • Firm: New Hospital Bispebjerg
  • Web:
  • branch of industry: Project Organization
  • Size: ca. 100.000 m2
  • Why Exigo?
    • Can prove experience with EIR, BIM projects and 3D models
    • Offers advice as well as concrete execution of the work

I strongly recommend Exigo’s EIR consultation.

– Per Sams, Senior Project Manager, New Hospital Bispebjerg

EIR and BIM keep everyone on the same page

“Exigo has been selected as a customer consultant/ specialist in conjunction with EIR and BIM, as they can document experiences from similar projects and therefore know the DNA of the 3D models down to the smallest detail. They need to examine the 3D models of our architects and engineers for errors and follow the troubleshooting until we are fully on target.

At the same time, it was agreed that Exigo regularly guides our architects and engineers in the concepts of EIR and BIM. Since this is an international team of consultants, this area needs special consideration. EIR and BIM are all about one thing – everyone has to learn to keep up with a single model structure. It is not enough if only 80% of the players keep pace. Either/or. You can also not be half pregnant.

Some people think that functional 3D offers are still an option. I can not recommend that. It distorts the image of unique offerings. Contractors always need unique offerings, where owners and architects and engineers are responsible for all quantities.

The collaboration with Exigo expects us to ensure that all parties focus on timely care in relation to the quality of 3D project material, budgets and schedules. We are in constructive dialogue with the consultant about it. Exigo’s support and methods are expected to assure us that budgets and schedules are not getting out of hand.”

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