Location-based Scheduling/Cyclogram Planning

Satisfied craftsmen and a good overview

With location-based scheduling, you utilize all construction zones and ensure that all craftsmen get a good flow between their tasks.

You get a better overview and the execution time is typically reduced by a minimum of 10% – 20% –  without increasing the resources.

At the same time, a much healthier environment is achieved on the construction site, with satisfied craftsmen who have the peace and framework around them to carry out their work in good quality.

You can invest in software and courses and plan your construction process yourself, or you can ask us to make the schedule for you. Of course with inputs from the experts on the project – namely you and your team.

Location-based scheduling

Do it yourself – we will help you get started

We do it for you

  • Risk analysis schedule – contractor
  • Risk analysis schedule – client
  • Full process management and planning

The most widespread myth

“Location-based scheduling only works when there are many repetitions such as a residential building.”

No, that’s not true! In fact, on the contrary.

Of course, the method can be used in connection with housing construction and there are many who do. But in the case of complex constructions, the method is shown to its full advantage even more.

It is hopeless to overlook complex construction with Gantt. It is much easier to oversee a complex schedule of cyclograms as the many activities are broken down into locations.

A powerful management tool is paramount

With such a large project as the one in Aalborg (New Aalborg University Hospital), and with so many contractors on-site at the same time, a powerful management tool is crucial to maintain an overview.

It is a must that we can plan on locations otherwise we lose track. If one is to devour a large elephant, it is necessary to divide it into small bites. We can do this with location-based scheduling.

With traditional planning methods, you do not reach the finish line in time with a mega-project like the one in Aalborg.”

Poul Arendrup,
Project manager Niras and responsible for construction management at
New Aalborg University Hospital (170,000 m2)

Facts about location-based scheduling/cyclogram planning

Location-based scheduling, or cyclogram planning, is known, among other things, as the planning method used during the construction of the Empire State Building in the 1930s.

The method is characterized by the slashes, also called cyclograms, which tell:

  • What work to perform
  • When to do it
  • And where on the construction site the work is to be carried out

The last parameter makes all the difference compared to traditional methods of planning. The time is seen on the X-axis and the location on the Y-axis.

With traditional planning methods (e.g. Gantt) it is difficult to see whether a schedule is good or not and why. The craftsmen typically work where there happens to be space and waste time waiting for each other. Some areas of the construction site are overcrowded, with several different trades colliding, while other areas of the construction site are empty. It is difficult for the individual craftsman to keep his piece rate and it is difficult for him to keep a good and stable flow in his work. “First come, first served” becomes practice on the site and a reason for daily irritation.

“If you, as the client, do not ensure that construction management and contractors have powerful tools for planning and management available, you can not expect them to deliver good results. I look at Exigo as part of my construction management. The Exigo team has expertise in location-based scheduling coupled with finance and 3D (4D + 5D) and has the experience, tools and processes in place to perform just that job. The rest of my construction management, and other consultants, do not have that expertise. The advice and tools I get from Exigo are exactly the advice and tools I need to ensure that my construction management and my contractors can plan and manage the project and deliver the results I want.”

We are also happy to help you

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