ICT management and ICT agreements

ICT management and ICT agreements

Few people are aware of the importance of a basis for ICT agreements. The ICT agreements have a huge potential for the builders and contractors who recognize their importance. Exceedances of budgets and schedules in the execution phase start here.

In the ICT agreements, it must be agreed exactly what is to be prepared during the design, who is responsible for modelling what and at what information level. Interfaces must be defined so that no two designers model the same details, or vice versa, neither of them does, making the project material deficient.

At Exigo, we are leading experts in ISO 19650. We have certified employees with extensive experience who can help you through an otherwise complicated process.

But is it important? Can’t the contractor just coordinate during execution?

If the ICT agreements are not complied with, the 3D models will not be executed correctly, and then the house of cards will collapse.
The reason for this is that today 3D models are the basis for quantity calculations, quotation lists, delivery plans and financial calculations. The quality of the 3D models is therefore crucial. And the contractor can not “solve it on the spot” without major financial, time, and quality problems as a result.

Exigo’s flow for digital construction and implementation of ICT

How can we help you?

In the first instance, we assure you that your ICT agreements are drawn up correctly and unambiguously. The ICT agreements are the foundation for the 3D models and the first thing we look at when we carry out risk analyzes of design material.

Subsequently, during the entire design phase, we control the process, using a systematic flow, to follow up on, and make random samples of the designers’ performance. By continuously finding faults and having them rectified immediately, you get a very strong basis for the subsequent calculation, schedule and delivery statements.

In this way, you are protected against errors during execution, which pushes the schedule, messes up the deliveries and thereby exceeds the budget.

What you receive from us

You will receive a link to a dashboard, where you can continuously follow the designers’ performance.

The dashboard does not intend to exhibit or discredit the designers. On the contrary; the intention is to create transparency for the entire team. Transparency of the progress and a good starting point for the ongoing dialogue about improving the quality of the material. It is in everyone’s interest that the prepared project material is as robust as possible.

Overview of typical challenges with ICT management and ICT agreements

Through our collaboration with several clients and contractors, we have compiled an overview of the challenges the client most often “struggles with” in connection with the preparation of ICT agreements.

These include the following:

  • How should the agreements be drawn up?
  • What is the consequence if they are made incorrectly?
  • Who owns the models?
  • Who draws what?
  • What quality should the 3D models have?
  • What level of information should be used?
  • Should the 3D models be collision-free?
  • How should the 3D models be prepared for operation?

We are also happy to help you

There are many pitfalls in relation to ICT. There are ticks you have to mark, and formulations you have to make sure to include, to ensure success on the project. Conversely, there is also a risk in ticking it all. You can make so many demands that the time spent collecting/connecting data becomes astronomical, and then the many data end up unused – collecting dust – on large servers.

Let us help you customize your ICT agreements.

Contact: Kristian Birch Pedersen at kbp@exigo.dk / +45 53 55 59 19

“(…) Exigo has been selected as client advisor/specialist in connection with ICT and BIM, as they can document experiences from similar projects and therefore have in-depth knowledge of the 3D models’ DNA down to the smallest detail. They must examine our advisers’ 3D models for errors, and follow up that the errors are corrected until we are completely on target. ”