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4D Simulation Construction

Visual schedules that everyone can understand

When you integrate the project’s 3D model with the schedule, you can create a 4D simulation of the project. The 4D simulation, together with the location-divided planning principle, where time and activities are displayed at locations, provides a visual overview for all parties in the project.

You can quickly see in which areas there is a high load as well as adjust and optimize the schedule to ensure a stable flow of activities.

The 4D simulation allows for efficient communication of complex schedules to all employees, regardless of trade area and educational background. Everyone gets the same clear starting point for understanding and discussing the construction process, safety risks and optimization options. It will also be easier for you as the client to have a constructive dialogue with the contractor about the course of the project.

See examples and read more about 4D Simulation Construction on this page.

4D Simulation Construction

The video shows an example of a 4D simulation of a schedule based on a large project in Iceland.

Employee at Exigo makes a business intelligence dashboard with simulation and data for a construction project

Risk analysis of schedules

At Exigo, we can help you as an owner to anticipate and thereby alleviate/reduce the risks that lie in a Gantt-based schedule. This ensures the status and progress of the project throughout the construction period. If you want a further overview of the project’s progress, we can create a dashboard where you can continuously follow the project’s key KPIs.

We have documented experience that our risk analyses, based on the location-based method, constitute a significant factor in relation to carrying out a project within the agreed time frame.

Read more about our data-driven risk management method here.

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