3D modeling and working drawings

Why is 3D modelling so important?

Today, 3D models of the project material are a requirement for large projects. If there are errors and omissions in the 3D model, these are passed on to the construction site.

It is expensive in both time and economy. Correct 3D models are the key to buildable projects. Based on a correctly prepared 3D model, it is possible to make working drawings that can be used directly on the construction site. When updating to as-built, it is ensured that the 3D models, and thus the drawings, are updated in parallel with the construction with correct and corrected information.

With a large southern European Back Office, we are strong when it comes to preparing 3D models and working drawings. It can be done at short notice, cheaply and efficiently.

We offer the following competencies within 3D modelling and working drawings:

1) 3D modelling of existing construction
for use in renovation or operation and maintenance

If you are in the process of renovating or rebuilding, we can prepare 3D models based on measurements with 3D laser scanning. Having a good digital basis before the design phase starts gives you an advantageous start to the project. In addition, you get the opportunity to carry out collision tests of the 3D models between the new and the existing construction to ensure that your project is buildable.

Read more about how Exigo can help you identify collisions in your project and give you an overview of the 3D models throughout the project period.

2) 3D modelling and working drawings

At Exigo, we create working drawings, based on a correct 3D model. The working drawings are used on the construction sites and provide an advantageous visual overview. Here you get automatically updated plans, sections and facades when the 3D model is updated.

Based on collision-free 3D models, we prepare targeted 2D working drawings and diagrams. Our drawings are in colours, which makes them easy to read. They can be prepared to the level of detail that you or your subcontractors want. We can also make hole plans that are useful to ensure that all recesses are properly placed in the concrete before casting.

We can extend your 3D model with data so that it can be used directly as a basis for schedules and production management. Among other things. we can include points in the 3D model that can be pulled out to a total station for easy disposal on the construction site.

Jorton and Byens Bro in Odense

“Jorton has had a good and constructive collaboration with Exigo at Byens Bro in Odense. Here, part of the tender material was to be able to use the client’s 3D model in everyday life. Exigo has been helpful in extracting sales data, recording additional cross-sections at critical locations and checking construction parts. Without Exigo’s competencies, we would not have reached our goal. “

René Nørregaard Faaborg
Project manager

3) As-built – documentation of the actual performed supplemented with operating data

It is important that your 3D models contain accurate information about the products such as manufacturer, model number, serial number and operating and maintenance instructions. Most often, the 3D models from the design lack precisely this information, which must be provided on an ongoing basis by the manufacturer and the contractor.

More and more builders are demanding as-built drawings with the actually used components specified in the 3D models. In this way, they ensure cheaper and more efficient operation, which is at the forefront of ongoing replacements.

4) Coordination Resolution – complete coordination solution

We can also be responsible for the entire process.
If you have a project in 2D or 3D, we can model it in coordinated 3D. Coordinated 3D means that we systematically carry out collision control during the 3D modelling, and correct the models. By centralising 3D modelling and coordination for all subjects with our dedicated team, the process goes much faster than with traditional methods.

We start by setting up rules and principles for which trade give way to whom. After this, we manage the process completely systematically, involve the right responsible design specialists and adjust the 3D model so that it can be built. We model and draw the full project, so you save time as well as avoid the hassle of an endless series of coordination meetings across all trades.

In collaboration with the construction company Hansson & Knudsen, we have, among other things handled the role of 3D coordination on the construction case Rømerhus in Aarhus. Here we prepared 3D models of the areas that were not drawn in 3D and performed continuous collision control on all 3D models to ensure a collision-free project. This also involved ongoing coordination of all trade models in the execution.

Exigo helps Hansson & Knudsen with collision control

“There are several risks associated with the Rømerhus construction case. First, we are building a complex steel structure and many new installations, into an old crooked building. Secondly, we design and build at the same time. It simply could not be done without 3D. The success is based on a good and close collaboration between all trades. Everyone in the team, contractor, engineer, Exigo and all the installation trades work hard to ensure a good result for the client. ”

Anders Green Sørensen
Project manager

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